Salih Memecan The most popular Turkish cartoonist, Salih Memecan earned his reputation through his political cartoons, comics strip and his commentary animations.
Salih Memecan received his Ph.D. in architecture from the University
of Pennsylvania as a Fulbright scholar (1983). His BA and MA degrees
in architecture are from the Middle East Technical University in
Ankara, Turkey

Memecan’s daily agenda includes a political cartoon strip, Bizimcity, on the front page, a comics cartoon strip, Sizinkiler, on the back page of Sabah newspaper. The animated version of Bizimcity takes place on the prime-time news program on ATV. Sabah is a leading national newspaper and ATV is the most popular national TV channel in Turkey. Memecan's editorial cartoons appeared in major U.S. newspapers including the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Baltimore Sun, the Philadelphia Inquirer. He currently submits illustrations to the New York Times. His cartoons are in his regular slot at, a prominent political and editorial cartoon web site in the U.S.

Memecan is married and has a son Mehmet(19) and a daughter Zeynep(14).

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